Livestyle Development Counseling

counseling for your lifestyle

Are you having the time of your life?

If not, something is terribly wrong. Health and happiness experts agree, that if each of us took time to periodically TUNE UP our lifestyles, we could be making the most of our HEALTH, WEALTH AND WISDOM!

We offer counseling in weekly or monthly sessions.They are developed based on your needs and availability.

  • Physical Wealth: It is within your reach.
  • Activity planning with a personal trainer
  • Mental Wealth: Taking care of your most treasured organ.
  • Memory Enhancement/Breakthrough Thinking program
  • Stress: Manage it before it manages you.
  • Lifestyle management Training
  • Nutrition: Fueling for the long haul.
  • Lifetime eating plans and supermarket shopping training

    Fee Schedule $100 per session